Mobility achievements' recognition procedure

Student Mobility

During the mobility, each Program’s Director of the student mobility program has an academic record of each foreign student, reflecting students’ achievements in accordance with the Learning Agreement. After completion of a prescribed modules within the Erasmus+ exchange program, the International Office Coordinator in accordance with the relevant program director develops a Transcript of Records with the acquired course (module) description in English, the number of received credits ECTS, grades and a date. The Transcript of Records is signed by the relevant Program Director and NMC Director. Mobility students are provided with the Transcript of Records in person and via e-mail indicated in the Learning Agreement. The information about students’ academic achievements is sent to official education institution of student. In order academic achievements of a student mobility would be recognized during the mobility period, those must comply with the competences prescribed by the educational program or educational module within the Learning Agreement. After completion of Erasmus+ exchange program the obtained grades of a mobility student are transferred and registered as the program results of their official institution upon students’ arrival.

Staff mobility

Information about Erasmus+ staff mobility program is available at the International Office Coordinator. Staff participation in the exchange program is registered as staff qualification improvement at NMC. In order to be ensured in quality of staff mobility program, besides staff mobility agreement, employee also receives a detailed performance plan, which is to be filled and checked by partner-institution representatives. Completed and verified plan is sent to the NMC International Office Coordinator.
When NMC employee completed mobility program, NMC director assigns him/her a specialized task, what could be a presentation/s, scientific publication, development of new module or improvement of existing one, and/or to prepare and provide a seminar for other NMC employees to share gained, during the mobility program, knowledge, skills and experience.


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