Novikontas Maritime College is a private educational and training institution with a main goal to provide efficient and useful competence gaining and attitude development for those who work at sea or plan to start carrier at sea. All STCW required courses, College and upgrade programs for Navigators and Marine Engineers available. Diverse approach, state-of-the-art equipment, team of motivated personnel leads us to the place among significant players in training and education in Europe. We train and educate seafarers and attract youngsters to go to sea by promoting Sea profession in various manners such as competitions, lectures, articles and own examples. 

Ask our customers how we perform in reality.

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Our customers
We focus on efficient transferring to our customers all expertise and competences we have in order they will be able to convert it into their achievement.

Our employee
Our job should be a part of a life that is interesting, valuable and fruitful for personality and society. We were not born as professionals in the fields but we are on the continuous way to the excellence in this field.